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Project Plan and Deliverables


Review of SDG interactions and analytics

A comprehensive reporting of critical nodes for SDG implementation in Ireland, and the goals and targets that will be most influential in aligning with and delivering on the country’s priorities.

Task 2.1 Global literature review
Task 2.2 Mapping key interactions across all SDGs underlying the achievement of countries’ priority goals
Task 2.3 Disseminate report D2.1 & 2.2 to relevant Government departments for verification

D2.1 Report on international review of SDG interactions

D2.2 Report on SDG interactions in context of Ireland Sustainable Development goals

D2.3 Report on feedback from Government departments from Task 2.3


Methodology for mapping key interactions across all SDGs

A toolkit for evidence-informed approaches to address the multiple challenges encapsulated by the SDGs. Strengthening of scientific evidence in SDGs implementation including costs, benefits and spill-over effects of SDGs implementation.
Stronger connections between the national and the international scientific community.

Task 3.1. Review of tools and methodologies for exploring interactions between SDGs.
Workshop 1. Methodology workshop

D3.1 + D3.2 Report on methodological tools for investigating SDG interactions & Guidelines for Toolkit


Implementation and validation methodology for mapping key interactions across all SDGs

A policy brief and guidance on implementation of SDGs in Ireland accounting for cross linkages and interactions between SDG goals and targets.

Task 4.1. Disseminate and apply the methodology tool from WP3 to the context of SDG implementation plans for Ireland
Task 4.2. On the basis of outcome form W1 make necessary adjustments to make fit for purpose and re-test.

Workshop 2. Stakeholder workshop 1
Workshop 3. Stakeholder workshop 1

D4.1 Interim report post W2 –Ground-truthing outcomes of application of SDG interactions methodology and tools

D4.2. Final report post W3 -Mapping key interactions across all SDGs underlying the achievements of Irelands priority goals


Communication and Dissemination

Improved awareness of the impacts posed by the relationship and interactions between SDG goals and targets with national policy priorities.

Task 5.1‐ Project Website
Task 5.2 –Integration with DCCAE
Task 5.3 –Production of Guidance document
Task 5.4‐ Academic Paper

Workshop 4. Project outputs and outcomes

D5.1 Project website established

D5.2 Outputs, where appropriate, integrated with DCCAE

D5.3 Guidance document

D5.4 Academic papers submitted and accepted and accepted for an international conference